The Evolving Self

...when growth is the only option

Jaqui Duvall, MA


Is there a battle going on inside your head? You want to feel good and have a positive, uplifting, empowering experience in life, but inside your head it feels like WW III.

Did you know that you can use affirmations as a tool to help raise your self-esteem? Using affirmations on a regular basis can help you:
• Create a desirable outcome
• Raise your energy
• Improve your mood and lift your spirits
• Move yourself toward a goal
• Maximize self-improvement and growth

Would you believe that using affirmations on a daily basis has changed my life? It might sound simplistic…how could saying positive things about yourself to yourself make that big a difference? I know and have experienced what not loving myself looks like and feels like in my life. I have experienced the results of it in my relationships and my work. Learning to love myself has been a process which started with a decision but has been reinforced daily by saying loving things to myself in the form of affirmations.  Louise Hay who many call the Queen of Affirmations said, “When we love ourselves, everything in our lives works.” Of course there’s more to it than simply saying words out loud. How we say them and integrate them into our life is a huge factor. It’s really a way of life. When you pray for patience, does God give you patience? More often you receive situations in which to practice patience. Well, this is also true with affirmations. When I say, “I completely and totally love and accept myself exactly the way I am” guess what happens? Situations occur in my life that give me an opportunity to practice self-love. Through these situations and practice, I learn to become more self-loving. That is how affirmations have changed my life.

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