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Jaqui Duvall, MA

Group Coaching

Have you been wanting to work with a Life Coach but found it to be too expensive. Consider this, people who work with a Life Coach are 75% more likely to reach their goals whether those goals are for work and career, health, relationships or spiritually related. Coaching helps you to set realistic and achievable goals, helps to keep you accountable while supporting you to release obstacles to your success.

If you are serious about making changes in your life, coaching is the way to go. In group coaching, you can have the benefits of working with a coach, while enjoying the interaction and support of a group and pay less for it.

Healthy Living Coaching Group
The goal of this group is to support individuals in changing their daily living habits. It could be about reducing stress, healthy eating, improving self-care, increasing exercise or thinking more positively. The format includes setting personal goals, supporting each other to overcome obstacles, relaxation and guided meditation time and information on related topics of interest.

Reserve your spot early as space is very limited!

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